It’s the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Some notable takeaways for sure.

1. Lindsey Vonn. She had a lot against her - 8 years off for rehabilitation and training, oldest woman skier in history…she could have given up, but she did not. It was a choice. The choice being: What do I have to lose by not trying and what do I have to gain by trying?

2. Nathan Chen, US men’s Olympic ice skater. He successfully completed 6 historic quadruple jumps, outperforming the 4 required air rotations. My first thought: Did anyone ask him to do 6 jumps instead of 4? The answer, of course, is no. So WHY did he do it?

What sets Vonn and Chen apart from the rest of the 98% population? It’s RISK, my friends. To most (likely 98% of you), “Risk” is a bad word. It’s scary, it’s uncertain, it’s stressful, it’s not worth it – so say the 98%.

But that 2%....oh, that 2%... Have you heard of Bill Gates? How about Warren Buffet? Mark Zuckerberg? Jeff Bezos? Evan Williams (going to throw him in there because he is a personal friend of mine and, by the way, co-founder of Twitter)? What do they all have in common? They took a RISK. Some dropped out of college, some expressed a different, maybe even “crazy” idea (so everyone else thought), but followed through with it anyway until it was a reality.

So what sets the 98% from the 2%, you ask? Ironically the answer is overly simple. It’s a drive you have inside of you that will not take no for an answer from anyone. It’s a fearless behavior in believing in something so strongly that you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. It’s a confidence earned over time and an appreciation that you deserve what you have worked so hard for and believe in so much that NO one will EVER take that away from you. Of course there are basics that you need to have under your belt before you go out there and conquer the world. Find your passion. Work in the field that interests you. Network with mentors and people you want to “be when you grow up.” Follow them. Listen to them. Learn from them.

I am very convinced that taking a risk with the belief in yourself that you are going to achieve your goals no matter what it takes is the simplest formula to success. Most won’t take that risk in fear of failure. But imagine what might happen if you do take that risk and you succeed? Our US Olympic athletes can vouch for this. As the saying goes, “No risk, no reward.” I say, take the risk.

Lisa Shackelford is the President of DASH Marketing LLC, headquartered in Lee’s Summit, MO. and the Advertising Director for MetroWIre Media LLC. You may contact her at lisa@dash-marketing.com.

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