Lisa Shackelford

President & Founder

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Success is all about having a passion.  Having a passion is all about success.  My first passion, and non-coincidentally my first taste of success in life, began in high school track and field.  I excelled as a sprinter and "cheerleader" for my team.  I learned early on if you want to be the best at something, you have to SET GOALS, HAVE A PLAN, and take all the necessary steps in order to have the best chance of winning.  So that's what I did.  I trained EVERY DAY, I scoped out my COMPETITION, I lifted weights, I ate healthy, I ENCOURAGED OTHERS, I set a GOOD EXAMPLE, I committed, I believed, I SUCCEEDED.  And as the saying goes, "She believed so she did."


I would have loved nothing more than to run high school track my whole life but as it turns out winning high school 100-yard dashes in small schools in western Nebraska didn't make the "Career Choices" list.  I chose Marketing as my career because I had a passion for connecting with others and the talent to do this through networking, mentoring and developing relationships.   After 20 years of assisting firms with marketing, sales, public relations, and business development efforts, I decided to take the leap (yes, long jump pun intended) and begin my own marketing consulting firm - named after two of my life's greatest passions - track and field and marketing:  DASH Marketing.  


It's no secret today's world is highly competitive and becoming even more so each day with ever-changing methods of technical intelligence.  If you are still in a firm who's mantra is "that's the way we've always done it," we need to talk NOW (actually yesterday would have been better).  DASH Marketing will take you from the starting line to the finish line and show you how to come out a winner every time.  Are you ready to get started? So am I.  Let's go!


Joel Grubb

Director of Software   Development

I am an award-winning enterprise software manager. Developing cutting-edge technologies across the full development stack is my sweet spot. My applications experience ranges from Windows services on local servers to web services and UI platforms in the cloud. That sounds like a lot of geek-speak, but I promise I got your back when it comes to technology and online services to grow your business to be the very best.

I'm a family man with a beautiful wife and 7 children, and I love the Kansas City Royals.

Kelsie O'Brien

Graphic Designer

I'm an obsessive dog mom who loves spending as much time outdoors kayaking and hiking as possible... or sipping wine on my deck! I also love fashion, and work with several great organizations in the Kansas City area to build and promote the fashion industry. If you can't find me in KC, you can find me either in New York City attending fashion week, or Colorado hiking in the mountains. 

I find inspiration everywhere I go to use in fresh designs for my clients- from the grocery store, to magazines, along hiking trails, and especially during fashion week. 

Travis Barker

Chief Technology Officer

I am an old-hat IT pro currently specializing in social media audience development, SEO, and web and app development at DASH Marketing. I have a background in Sysops and Networking in a broad spectrum of enterprise and manufacturing environments.

In my spare time I enjoy developing Arduino based robotics projects, Drone piloting and I’m an AR/VR enthusiast. I’m a father of two amazing kids and I feel blessed to be a part of their lives and a part of the team here at DASH Marketing.

Gretta Scheperle

Marketing Intern

My biggest dream is to own my own business someday.  DASH Marketing provides me with extensive knowledge on how to build my business, create networks, and allows me to see the behind-the-scenes work that goes on when running a company. 


I can be described as a “go-getter.”  When I want something, I will work hard to get it, even if it takes extra time and sacrifices. 


After high school, I plan to attend college and major in Mass Media with emphasis on Applied Advertising. Football is my #1 passion, with sprint car racing in second!